Naprawa silników motocykli i quadów


We recommend perform repair of 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines in the full range of service. We always try to determine the cost-effectiveness of the current engine repair or replacement alternative

Naprawa elektroniki motocykli i quadów

REPAIR OF the electronics

We recommend electronic diagnostic services and electrical repairs. With a specialized computer, we can diagnose every fault hidden in the thicket of of cables and sensors. We offer mounting all sorts of devices and electronic gadgets like gear displays, navigation, 12V socket, etc.

bierzące naprawy i serwis motocykli i quadów.

running repairs

In this case, the crucial importance is to correct choose of supplies to meet customer needs. We have experience with manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts so we will adjust the cost of parts to the budget of each client. Each and every single, the simplest exploitation replacement is conected with a lot of issues that need to pay attention for safety.

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